Generate leads

Happy customers are always willing to help by referring you business. Yet most business owners don't even ask! With Referral Carrot, asking for referrals easier than ever.

Awesome features

Profile link

You and your entire team will have their own profile link to share with clients

New Lead Alerts

When a new referral is submitted, we will alert you immediately and add the new referral to your list


Customizable profile allowing you to add your own personalized touch

Rewards managers

Dangle a carrot and motivate your customers to send you referrals. You can control how much you'd like to pay and we'll help you manage the list of referrals and reward money you owe.

Referral reports

Track status of each referral (won, closed, quoted, etc) and never leave a lead behind!


We made your referral site very easy to use and mobile friendly to make it very convenient for your customers to send you referrals.

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